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Manitoba's Pine to Prairie International Birding Trail

Manitoba's Pine to Prairie International Birding Trail Map

Guide Booklets

Guide Booklets



Drinking Water Yes
Restrooms Yes
Marked Trails Yes
Boardwalk Yes
Viewing Tower Yes
Picnic Shelter Yes
Camping Yes
Concession Yes
Visitor Centre Yes
Interpretive signs/Brochures Yes
Primitive Site No

Map of Northern Loop


Manitoba’s Pine to Prairie International Birding Trail in southern Manitoba is an extension of the Pine to Prairie Birding Trail in Minnesota. Southern Manitoba is a premier birding site for the novice and experienced birder. We have species representative of the north, south, east and west. A day’s drive will take you through a range of habitats from boreal forest to tall grass and mixed-grass prairies. The trail identifies sites that welcome the public and connects them together in three logical routes.

Don’t Miss


  • Boreal forest
  • Mixed forest
  • Aspen-oak parkland
  • Lakes and marshes
  • Tall grass and mixed-grass prairies

Site Specialties

  • Great Gray Owl
  • Piping Plover
  • Spruce Grouse
  • Yellow Rail
  • Black-backed Woodpecker
  • American Three-toed Woodpecker
  • Blackburnian Warbler
  • Connecticut Warbler
  • Nelson’s Sparrow
  • Le Conte’s Sparrow


The Manitoba and Minnesota trails connect at Warroad, where Minnesota’s highway 313 meets Manitoba’s PTH 12 at the Canada-US border near Middlebro. The Manitoba trail follows a main route with most of the viewing sites located on or near the main roadway. You can join the trail at any point.

Cautionary Notes

You are in black bear country, be Bear Smart. Poison ivy is common in many sites.


  • Purchasing a Provincial Park pass is recommended as it gives you free entry to all provincial parks
  • There are no entrance fees for Wildlife Management Areas

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