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Spruce Woods Provincial Park



Drinking Water Yes
Restrooms Yes
Marked Trails Yes
Boardwalk Yes
Viewing Tower No
Picnic Shelter Yes
Camping Yes
Concession Yes
Visitor Centre Yes
Interpretive signs/Brochures Yes
Primitive Site No


Spruce Woods Provincial Park will give you the chance to see wildlife and landscapes you will not find anywhere else in Manitoba. The 26,900-hectare park is a unique combination of habitats, from spruce forests to open sand dunes.

The desert-like sand dunes are home to plants like the Pincushion Cactus. Two unusual animals to watch for are the Northern Prairie Skink and the Hognose Snake. The skink, our only lizard, can be found basking in the sun or hiding under logs. The Hognose Snake while not poisonous, will strike if harassed, but is more likely to play dead. Look for it around the edges of the sand dunes. Larger wildlife are coyote, elk and white-tailed deer. Keep an eye out for the interesting insects found here—Wolf Spiders, Tiger Beetles, Velvet Ants and Digger Wasps.

In the summer you can start your exploration by dropping into the visitor centre to talk to an interpreter about the best spots to discover wildlife. The park is open year-round and is a fun place for some winter wildlife watching.

Don’t Miss

  • Spirit Sands
  • Devils Punch Bowl
  • Interpretive centre
  • Assiniboine River canoe route


  • Spruce forest
  • Aspen-oak forest
  • Mixed-grass prairie
  • Open and stabilized sand dunes
  • Riverbottom forest

Site Specialties

  • Western Hognose Snake
  • Northern Prairie Skink
  • Coyote
  • Mountain and Eastern Bluebird
  • Western Meadowlark
  • Indigo Bunting


Located in southwestern Manitoba, the park can be accessed from Highway 5 off either the Trans-Canada Highway 1 or Highway 2. Highway 5 will take you through the western edge of the park and past many of the main areas and trailheads.

Cautionary Notes

Poison ivy is very prevalent. Take water when visiting the Spirit Sands.


Daily or seasonal passes available at the park campground office.

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