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Whitewater Lake Wildlife Management Area



Drinking Water No
Restrooms Yes
Marked Trails Yes
Boardwalk Yes
Viewing Tower Yes
Picnic Shelter Yes
Camping No
Concession No
Visitor Centre No
Interpretive signs/Brochures Yes
Primitive Site Yes


Whitewater Lake is a bit out of the way for those of you looking for a quiet place to watch wildlife. It is also one of the best birding areas in Manitoba. You will find it just east of Boissevain.

The lake is really a large, shallow, saline wetland. The WMA is approximately 8,260 hectares. Some of the frequent flyers at Whitewater are thousands of Tundra Swans on migration during April/May and October/November —the highest concentrations in Manitoba. Others found in abundance are the Black-crowned Night Herons, Snow Geese, Franklin’s Gulls, Mallards and Pintails.

Years of record high water levels have taken their toll on infrastructure around the lake. Viewing facilities at the southeast corner of the lake were decommissioned after the access road washed out. The lake continues to attract a great variety of birds, but access is challenging due to long-term flooding.


  • Shallow saline wetland
  • Sedge meadows
  • Mixed-grass prairie

Site Specialties

  • Tundra Swans
  • Egrets – Cattle, Snowy and Common
  • White-faced Ibis
  • American Avocet
  • Wilson’s Phalarope
  • Shorebirds and waterfowl


Close to the U.S.A.-Canada border in southwestern Manitoba, Whitewater Lake is an easy drive from Boissevain, Deloraine or Turtle Mountain Provincial Park.

Cautionary Notes

Hunting waterfowl in the fall is popular.


No entrance fee.

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