Manitoba Livestock Manifest

The livestock manifest distributed by Manitoba Agriculture has been updated to include data that will be required under the federal traceability regulations. It contains information such as a farm’s Premises Identification Number that can help shorten the response time during an animal health emergency. It is also an important commercial document that protects the sellers and buyers of livestock by providing proof of shipment and helping to settle disputes over payment or the number or type of animals shipped and received.
A book of ten livestock manifests can be purchased from rural Manitoba Agriculture offices at a cost of $3 plus taxes. Each manifest in the book has five carbon copies, a copy for the seller, trucker, receiver, and inspector plus one extra copy. It is a handy way to produce multiple copies of the livestock manifest especially when away from the farm or business office. The livestock manifest will also provide the information expected in provinces where brand inspection is mandatory.
Anyone can download a free copy of the livestock manifest and print out copies as needed.
The completed livestock manifest will provide information helping to verify animal movement and document the sale or transfer of livestock.
Example of completed livestock manifest can be seen below.
Example of completed Livestock Manifest