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Crops Page

This is your gateway for production and agronomy information, diagnostic tools and timely reports on crop conditions.

The Production section is your basic guide to growing crops in Manitoba. Check the Soil Fertility section for information on your fields' nutrient needs.

Link to diagnostic tools from the Insects, Plant Diseases, Weeds and Crop Diagnostic Services sections. The Seasonal Reports pages will keep you up to date on current crop conditions.

Latest News

September 16, 2016
August 29, 2016
August 26, 2016
August 10, 2016
July 30, 2016
Addendum for the 2016 Guide to Field Crop Protection is available with important changes. Copies are available at your local GO office or online.

What's New   

  • Farm and Food Awareness Week takes place in Manitoba September 19-25.  It is an opportunity to celebrate agriculture, the people that produce safe, high quality food and agri-products in a sustainable manner, the jobs it creates and the contribution of agriculture to the provincial economy.  Be an agvocate
  • Use the  2016 Manitoba Local Produce Guide to find the many fresh products available at farmers’ markets, pre-picked market stands, U-Pick vegetable gardens and community supported agriculture farms.
  • Licences are issued to pesticide dealers and applicators and to manure applicators through the Pesticide and Manure Licensing Program
  • MyFarm Crop Production Cost Calculator enables farmers to estimate the annual cash cost of producing field crops on their land.
    Rent a commercial community kitchen to develop your food product idea and keep your costs low while you grow your business.
    Learn more about food safety audits.
    Insect and Disease Report are available on a weekly basis.
  • The MyFarm Crop Production Cost Calculator enables farmers to estimate the annual cash cost of producing field crops on their land. Knowing the cost of production is essential to management, marketing strategy and risk management planning and to giving a farm the best opportunity for overall profitability.
  • Farm Business Mangement: The way you structure and manage your business can create a strong foundation for growth.
  • Farm Software And Worksheets
    Put data to work on your farm with these interactive tools. They’ll help you make the informed decisions for your farm and family.
  • Alfalfa Hay Production Costs - 2016 (XLS 259 KB or PDF 910 KB)
  • Irrigated Potato Production Costs - 2016 (XLS 215 KB or PDF 56 KB)

Upcoming Events And Deadlines   

Various locations across Manitoba
September 19-25, 2016
September 20-22, 2016
September 21, 2016
September 23, 2016
September 28, 2016
Rivers - October 15, 2016
Dugald - October 29, 2016

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