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The Farm Management section includes valuable tools and resources to assist you in making sound agribusiness decisions.

If you have questions, contact your local Manitoba Agriculture Office or email us and a farm management specialist will contact you.

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  • Swine (26 to 121 kg) Finishing Costs (XLS 270 KB or PDF 817 KB)
  • Swine (26 to 121 kg) Contract Barn Finishing Costs (XLS 223 KB or PDF 557 KB)
  • Swine Farrow-Finish Costs (XLS 497 KB or PDF 1.07 MB)
  • Swine Farrow-Wean to 6 kg Costs (XLS 341 KB or PDF 870 KB
  • Swine Weaner Pig (Nursery) Costs 6 to 26 kg (XLS 301 KB or PDF 800 KB)
  • Grain Drying Cost Calculator (XLS 156 KB)

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November 26-28, 2018: Ag Ex Conference, Winnipeg MB

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