Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 29

St. Michael's of Archangels Roman Catholic Church
SW 23-20-2E,

St. Michael's of Archangels Roman Catholic Church

Designation Date: October 10, 1989
Designation Authority: Armstrong (R.M.)
Present Owner: Armstrong (R.M.)

St. Michael’s of Archangels Roman Catholic Church is one of a handful of early Roman Catholic churches erected in Manitoba’s Interlake region in the opening decades of the twentieth century. Its unpretentious yet modestly fanciful appointments and simple massing make it a good representative of worship structures of the era. In an area predominately known for its Icelandic heritage, the church stands apart by representing the Meleb district’s Polish pioneers, with construction led by head carpenter and local shopkeeper Michael Gottfried. The church served both Roman and Ukrainian Catholics until a separate Ukrainian Catholic facility was built nearby. After resting vacant for over two decades, St. Michael’s was extensively restored in 1988, and is now a focus for the hamlet.

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