Manitoba Provincial Heritage Site No. 45

Griswold United Church
Patterson Street,

 Griswold United Church

Designation Date: October 24, 1989
Designation Authority: Honourable Bonnie Mitchelson, Minister of Culture, Heritage and Recreation
Present Owner: The United Church of Canada

Between 1890 and 1910, more than 200 Methodist and Presbyterian churches were built in Manitoba. While most were small, wood-frame buildings, some larger church communities were able to build more elaborate churches of brick or stone. Occasionally, a small congregation might undertake such an ambitious project.

In 1896, local stonemason Henry Winter was commissioned to build the Presbyterian church. His design, with its rugged stonework, pointed Gothic-style windows, and restrained woodwork, recalls the small parish churches of Scotland and England. In Manitoba, Griswold United is one of the fullest expressions of that tradition.

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