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Adoption is the process through which a child becomes a permanent part of a new family.

Types of Adoption

Orientation Meetings and Educational Seminars

All Manitoba adoption agencies offer educational seminars that will help you decide whether adoption is right for you and will assist you in determining if you are best suited to meet the needs of the children available for adoption.

The Homestudy

A homestudy is an assessment process between you and a qualified adoption worker employed by a child and family services agency, or licensed adoption agency. The homestudy helps determine whether you are able to assume the responsibilities of being an adoptive parent and help identify which children you are most suitable and capable of parenting.



To adopt a child in Manitoba you must be a Manitoba resident 18 years of age or older. Either a mandated child and family services agency or licensed adoption agency must do a homestudy assessment of your ability to parent.



After making the decision to adopt, applying is the first step. For adoption of permanent wards, you need to apply to your local child and family services agency. For all other kinds of adoptions, you may apply to a licensed adoption agency or a Child and Family Services agency.

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