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changes to the Maintenance Enforcement Program

Maintenance Enforcement Program

Our Winnipeg Office is located at 100-352 Donald Street and office hours are 8:30 – 4:30 Monday to Friday. Closed on Weekends and Civic Holidays

Mailing Address:


Maintenance Enforcement Program, Canada Building,
100-352 Donald Street, Winnipeg, MB, R3B 2H8


The Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) is authorized by The Family Maintenance Act to administer the spousal and child support obligations under the terms of a Court Order or Agreement. Once an Order or Agreement has been registered with the Program, maintenance payments that the Debtor/Payor would normally remit directly to the Creditor/Payee must be sent to the Program. The Program processes the payment, maintains an accounting record of the payment(s) and forwards the payment to the payee/creditor.

The Creditor/Payee is the person receiving the support payments. The Debtor/Payor is the person paying the support. 

Avoid Late Fees and Administrative Costs (pdf, 146kb)
Late Payment Information (pdf, 24.4kb)
Direct Deposit Form
Direct Deposit Exemption Form (pdf, 52.5kb)
Fax and E Mail Authorization


Communicating with the Program

Please note that to provide a complete response to inquiries, clients will need to provide the following information to confirm their identity;

  • File number
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN)
    • If a PIN cannot be provided, the party must be able to provide
        • Date of Birth
        • Last 3 digits of Social Insurance Number
        • Address
    • Contact information i.e. telephone number, address information as applicable.

By Telephone:

Information about your file including enforcement activity and payments made or received can be obtained through the MEPLine. The MEPLine is an automated service that provides file information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as long as you are able to provide your file number and Personal Identification Number (PIN). The information available is generally the same information that you would obtain when speaking directly with a program representative.

The Program will continue to accept communications by telephone at 204-945-7133 or toll free across Canada at 1-866-479-2717. Please note that we are anticipating increased telephone call volume and although additional resources have been assigned to manage incoming telephone inquiries, you may want to avoid potential by taking advantage of alternate means of communication (E-mail or Fax).

Third parties or Income Sources/employers are also encouraged to take advantage of communication by fax or e-mail to avoid potential telephone delays as a result if increased call volumes.

By E-Mail: ManitobaMEPInquiries@gov.mb.ca

Inquiries and information can be e-mailed to ManitobaMEPInquiries@gov.mb.ca. To receive correspondence or communication from the program, please complete the Fax/E-mail Authorization form above and correspondence will be delivered to you by your choice of fax or e-mail.

By Facsimile (Fax):

Inquiries and information can be faxed to 204-945-5449.

In Person:

Delivery of correspondence or payments can also be made directly at the MEP Office located at 100-352 Donald Street, Winnipeg, MB, R3B 2H8

The Program communicating with you:

To allow the program to properly communicate with you, please ensure that your contact information is current including telephone and cellular phone numbers.


Making payments – Debtors

If you are a debtor, visit this site to learn more about making maintenance support payments.

Voluntary Payment Options:

MEP does not accept personal cheques.

Receiving payments – Creditors
The Maintenance Enforcement Program is set up to monitor and enforce court orders and separation agreements requiring payment of maintenance support to ensure the well-being of children and other dependents. If you are a recipient, visit this page by clicking the link above to learn more about receiving maintenance support payments.

Registering with the MEP

Please complete and submit the completed documents as indicated in Registration Information

Registration Information
Opt In Form
Statutory Declaration Arrears
Completing a Statutory Declaration
Identification Form
Opt Out Form

The quickest and most secure way to receive payment is by Direct Deposit. If you are receiving payments/cheques by mail, please sign up for Direct Deposit to avoid any disruption to receiving payments during any Canada Post mail service disruption.

Direct Deposit Form

Employers/Income Sources

If you are an employer or an income source (i.e financial institution) that is administering a Support Deduction Notice issued by the Program, the requirement to continue to administer the Support Deduction Notice including remittance of payments continues as normal during any Canada Post mailing interruption.

Arrangements will need to be made to ensure that payments to the program are made as required. If you are currently remitting payments by mail and would like to consider electronic means to remit payments please e-mail AccountingMBMep@gov.mb.ca

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