Licence Suspension Appeal Board (LSAB)


The Licence Suspension Appeal Board (LSAB) provides an appeal process in cases where a person’s driver’s licence or permit has been suspended by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles or the Court.  In making their decisions, the Board must ensure that in all cases a remission of the suspension would not be contrary to the public interest and that no exceptional hardship will result if the suspension remains in effect.


The Licence Suspension Appeal Board (LSAB) conducts hearings and reviews applications for relief of exceptional hardship during the suspension of driving privileges.  The primary function of the LSAB is to hear appeals of individuals who have had their driver’s licences suspended by the Courts or the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.  The Highway Traffic Act further provides for the board to hear appeals for suspensions, cancellations, or denials of Driving School Permits, Driving School Instructor Permits, Automobile Dealer Permits, Salesperson Permits, Safety Inspection Station Permits and Mechanic’s Permits.

For more information about the Licence Suspension Appeal Board Process, please visit the following link:

LSAB Board Members

  • Robert Dolyniuk, Chair
  • Colette Disbrowe, Vice Chair
  • Roslyn Silversides
  • Kulwinder Toor
  • Lorne Topolniski
  • Victorina Tualla
  • Terese Taylor
  • Harkamal Saggi
  • Harvey Miller
  • Rhonda Head
  • Pam Christler-Martin

All enquiries and correspondence related to the board should be directed to:

The Licence Suspension Appeal Board

200 – 301 Weston Street
Winnipeg MB R3E 3H4
Phone:(204) 945-7350
Fax: (204) 948-2682