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Morning Report Map Red River Valley

Map of Gauge Station Locations for
Morning Conditions and Daily Flood Sheets

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Forecasts / Reports


Forecasts consist of a variety of products as follows:

Spring Flood Outlooks:

The first forecasts of the year are the spring flood outlooks which are usually issued in late February and again in late March. Flood outlooks are highly dependent on weather conditions for the ensuing months and therefore outlooks commonly provide estimates of peak flows and river stages for the lower decile, median and upper decile weather conditions. Peak river level forecasts are provided primarily for larger rivers while peak flow forecasts are given for smaller streams. Comparative peaks from past years and bankfull levels and flows are shown to help users assess the implication of the forecasts.

Flood Hydrographs:

These reports are issued daily in the morning during the spring runoff period. These reports provide current water levels and flows, the most recent forecasted peak information as well as general indication of how the forecast is trending, any areas where flooding is or is expected to occur and/or significant changes from the last published Daily Flood Sheets. The current water levels and flows presented are collected each morning and are not quality control checked until later in the day. These water levels and flows may be affected by ice, wind, or monitoring equipment malfunctions. Quality control checked data is released later in the day in the Daily Flood Sheets. Forecasted peak information provided is the most recent available. Forecasts are evaluated daily and any updates are included in Daily Flood Sheets.

Daily Operational Forecasts and Flood Sheets:

These forecasts are issued when runoff from snowmelt or rainfall is already underway and are based in part on observed streamflows and river levels in headwater areas. They are usually updated on a daily basis when there is significant flooding and include a daily narrative report explaining river conditions and forecasts. Forecasts are based on existing watershed conditions and normal future weather conditions unless otherwise noted. For larger rivers, flood routings are performed. A forecast range is used during the early runoff period to allow for the many unknowns in watershed conditions and river flows and for uncertainties in the forecasting procedures. Anticipated peak stages and dates are shown on flood sheets which are distributed by e-mail and via this web site.

Daily Hydrographs

When flooding is of a serious nature, flood fighters, planners and emergency responders require forecasts of daily river levels. The Forecast Centre prepares hydrographs showing recent observed river levels and predicted levels for the next week 10 days or so. This is a new product which began on the Red River in 2010 but which will be extended to other rivers in future years.

Spring Flood Outlook

Daily Flood Reports

There is no operational forecast for the Spring of 2015, and for this reason Daily Flood Reports are not being published at this time.

Flood Hydrographs

Flood Sheets

Predicted Daily Levels

Monthly/Seasonal Water Condition Reports