Pembina River above Lorne Lake

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River Conditions


River conditions and forecasts during high water are reported via daily flood sheets and narrative reports, as explained under the "Forecasts" tab on this website. However numeric information on river levels and flows is also available from a network of electronic river gauges operated primarily by Water Survey of Canada with assistance from Manitoba Water Stewardship and Manitoba Hydro.

Daily Stream Flows:

Manitoba Infrastructure prepares charts and tables of river flows for 21 river locations in Manitoba for Thursday of each week throughout the year. Weekly river flows are shown on tables and plots along with the lower decile, median and upper decile computed weekly flows based on the past 40 years of record. This makes it easy to compare recent river conditions with averages and relatively extreme values from past years. The river flow estimates include information from flow measurements, most of which are provided by Water Survey of Canada. Flow estimates include backwater effects from river ice or debris.

Monthly River Data and Plots:

This monthly or seasonal product provides more abbreviated information about river flows in Manitoba. It is released when flows are generally deemed to be important for a snapshot and in case there are some specific requests for river flows data.

Daily Stream Flows

Provisional Daily River / Water Supply Report

Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation acknowledges the assistance of Water Survey of Canada and Manitoba Hydro in contributing data for this report.

Monthly River Data and Plots

Water Survey of Canada Real-time Hydrometric Data

Water Survey of Canada enables a user to select a station from a map or list and to display charts of recorded water levels for a specified time interval of up to two years. The site is 'near real time', i.e. the most recent levels are usually only 3 hours old for many stations and 6 to 12 hours behind present time at other stations. However the site does not provide forecasts since that is a provincial responsibility. The site also provides water levels for many lakes and for larger reservoirs. Stations operated by Manitoba Water Stewardship and Manitoba Hydro are also included on this site.

Real-Time Hydrometric Data can be accessed by: