The Hydrologic Forecast Centre of Manitoba Infrastructure prepares various maps which are used to assess watershed conditions and which form the basis for flood outlooks and river forecasts. Some of these maps are prepared by the Forecast Centre based on data collected by Manitoba Water Stewardship or by other provincial or federal government departments or by the U.S. National Weather Service.

Following is a list or maps which show various watershed data which may be viewed on this web site. Some of these maps are based on seasonal data and will show data only for the most recent season. Information for past years may be obtained on request.

  1. Monthly and Storm Precipitation Maps year round
  2. Soil Moisture Maps - late autumn and summer
    • a) Conventional surface based data?late autumn
    • b) Airborne Gamma Topsoil Moisture late autumn
    • c) Modelled Soil Moisture summer only
  3. Snowcover Maps - winter period
    • a) Conventional surface based data
    • b) Airborne Gamma survey data
    • c) Satellite microwave data
  4. Flooded Area Maps