Export Services

Exporter Development: Industry Outreach

We like to meet with companies -- face-to-face -- and provide personal service that is targeted to your business, specific to your industry and addresses your needs. Manitoba Trade and Investment consultants can assess export readiness, potential and help map out a plan to capitalize on the export opportunities available in your business. We will encourage the development of new exporters in rural Manitoba.

Let's Talk Specifics

Manitoba Trade and Investment has Trade Specialists and International Trade Development Consultants who specialize in a number of areas including sector-specific trade development support, market information and opportunity identification. We can help your firm with your initial export efforts. The International Trade Development Consultants have specific market information and intelligence on priority international markets. They can assist you with your market diversification efforts, provide in-market support in areas such as identifying opportunities, locating representatives and understanding business cultural realities. Trade Specialists and International Trade Development Consultants have comprehensive knowledge of trade and export issues, as well as access to existing trade development programs.

Manitoba Trade provides local exporters with information such as:

  • timely, useful analysis on export markets and issues of interest;
  • information on upcoming opportunities to participate in seminars, trade missions and trade shows;
  • Showcase your company, free-of-charge, Register through the Manitoba Business Information Services

Working With You

Our staff will help you prepare your company for export readiness by:
  • providing you with educational seminars and workshops on the business of exporting;
  • providing you with referrals to appropriate trade resources;
  • assisting you in sourcing market information/intelligence, including information on tariffs, duties, regulations, customs issues, etc.;
  • reviewing your export business plan to identify and target export market opportunities;
  • helping you prepare your company for international trade shows;
  • coordinating your participation in export missions, business call programs and group trade shows;
  • helping you locate potential distribution or marketing agents; conducting company visits for incoming buyers.

The Commercialization Support for Business Program

Manitoba has introduced a new Commercialization Support for Business Program to help entrepreneurs and businesses with every stage in the business lifecycle. Entrepreneurs can get support to create new ideas, products, services, processes, markets and jobs in all sectors and regions of the province.

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