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Pre-Apprenticeship Programs - Information for Training Institutions

We work with educational institutions to recognize and accredit trades-related programs offered by other training institutions who can demonstrate conformance with Apprenticeship Manitoba technical training requirements and accreditation standards.

Over 100 programs have been accredited throughout the province provided by public schools, colleges and registered private vocational institutions. There are two main pathways for educators administering pre-apprenticeship programs in partnership with Apprenticeship Manitoba.

There are two types of accredited programs:

  1. Provincial Accreditation through High School
  2. Accreditation through Post-Secondary

Learn more about approved pre-apprenticeship programs in the Trade Profiles.


Accreditation through Post-Secondary (APS)

Training institutions throughout the province are invited to apply for accreditation for their trades-related program through Apprenticeship Manitoba. This is a partnership between the training provider and Apprenticeship Manitoba. Through this process, successful candidates of accredited pre-apprenticeship programs are able to have their training credited for when they become an apprentice. It is a true ‘dual-credit’ option that provides a pathway to apprenticeship.

You want to be successful in the accreditation process, so before you sign up, make sure you’re prepared.

  • Does your program meet the standards of the trade?
  • Do you know your responsibilities as a training provider?
  • Do you know what information you will need to supply for your application?
  • Have you read through all Guidelines for Accreditation?
  • Are you re-applying for accreditation?

More information regarding the new process for APS will be available in Summer 2014.


Educator - Apprenticeship Training

Learn more about the PDF Document Instructors Guide to Apprenticeship Training.


Trade Safety Awareness Curriculum for Level 1 Apprentices

Workbook and Manual

PDF Document Building a Safer Workplace Workshop Manual (2020)
PDF Document Workshop Manual - Appendix B Resource
PDF Document Trade Safety Awareness Test (2021)


SAFE Work Manitoba

Resources for Educators

Publications & Videos

For more information to assist you and your students, please review the section on Promotional Materials and use the publication order form. Look for updates sent each fall for your guidance area and classroom.


We partner with many educational institutions to provide information sessions to both students and educators (counselors/teachers) at high schools, adult learning centres and training centres across Manitoba. Scheduling a presentation is a great opportunity for you and your students to learn more about Apprenticeship training and about how you can assist your students with path towards a career in the trades. Contact Apprenticeship Manitoba and request your presentation today!

Other Resources

Certification examinations for national Red Seal trades and for Manitoba provincial trades use a multiple-choice test format. Instructors and educators are encouraged to use this format in preparing their students and apprentices for taking their certification exam. Here are some guidelines for creating Effective Multiple-Choice Test Questions.