Conservation Officer Service

Manitoba’s Conservation Officer Service protects public safety, our natural resources and the environment through education and enforcement.

Conservation officers provide critical front-line services that protect public safety and our fish, wildlife, and forest resources by:

Conservation Officer Career
  • Conducting checks on anglers, commercial fishers, hunters, trappers and other resource users, taking enforcement action where warranted
  • Ensuring public safety and patron enjoyment by policing provincial parks
  • Augmenting Wildfire Service resources during fire season, including Incident Command on large or complex fires
  • Supporting sustainable economic development through mining, forestry and commercial fishing enforcement
  • Investigating wildfire cause and origin
  • Dealing with problem wildlife (ex. black bears) and managing the Polar Bear Alert Program in Churchill to ensure public safety
  • Career
  • Investigating and reporting on the Hunter Killed Livestock Program and assisting with delivery of the Crop Depredation Program for farmers and ranchers
  • Ensuring safe trail use by off-road vehicles such as ATVs and snowmobiles
  • Responding to floods, wildfires, and search and rescue (especially in backcountry areas)
  • Assisting at watercraft inspection stations for Aquatic Invasive Species including boat inspections and enforcement when warranted
  • Reviewing, issuing and conducting inspections for work permits under The Crown Lands Act, The Wildfires Act, and The Forestry Act
Turn in Poachers Hotline
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The Conservation Officer Service relies on tips from the public to help stop dangerous and illegal activity.

Anyone with information on illegal activity is asked to call a local Economic Development, Investment, Trade and Natural Resources office or the Turn in Poachers (TIP) line at 1-800-782-0076.

The TIP line is a toll free 24/7 reporting service that allows the public to report fishing, hunting, trapping or environmental law violations, injured or dead wildlife and report wildfires.

If there is a life-threatening emergency, dial 911 or the local emergency services in the area.

Activities you should report:

  • Hunting at night, out of season, discharge of a firearm from a roadway, or in a closed area
  • Exceeding hunting or fishing limits
  • Illegal sale of fish, wildlife or other natural resources
  • Wildlife sightings where wildlife or people are at risk
  • Injured wildlife or mistreated wildlife
  • Wildfires

Please do not attempt to approach or confront a suspect!

Information to record to assist law enforcement:

  • Date and time
  • Location of Occurrence.  The nearest town, highway, landmark, street address, or GPS coordinates
  • Number of people involved
  • Description of people involved.  Clothing, sex, height, weight, distinguishing features, etc.
  • Vehicle description and licence plate number
  • Details of the occurrence 
  • Take photos
  • List other witnesses

Conservation Officer Service District Offices:

Eastern Region

Regional Office:
Lac du Bonnet - Box 4000, R0E 1A0 (204-345-1444)

District Offices:
Ashern - Box 410, R0C 0E0 (204-768-2368)
Beausejour - Box 50, 20 First St. South, R0E 0C0 (204-268-6184)
Falcon Lake - Box 40, R0E 0N0 (204-349-2201)
Gypsumville - Box 9, R0C 1J0 (204-659-5208)
Hodgson - Box 119, R0C 1N0 (204-372-6296)
Lac du Bonnet - Box 850, R0E 1A0 (204-345-1400)
Lake Winnipeg East - Box 850, Lac du Bonnet, R0E 1A0 (204-345-1406)
Lundar - Box 10, R0C 1Y0 (204-762-5229)
Pine Falls - Box 389, R0E 1M0 (204-367-6130)
Rennie - Box 130, R0E 1R0 (204-369-3153)
Riverton/Lake Winnipeg - Box 70, R0C 2R0 (204-378-2261)
Selkirk - #1 Keystone Dr., R1A 2H5 (204-785-5080)
Seven Sisters - Box 9, R0E 1Y0 (204-348-4004)
Sprague - Box 70, R0A 1Z0 (204-437-2348)
Steinbach - Unit B – 284 Reimer Ave., R5G 0R5 (204-346-6110)
Winnipeg - 200 Saulteaux Cres., R3J 3W3 (204-945-7273)

Western Region

Regional Office:
Brandon - Box 13, 1129 Queens Ave., R7A 1L9 (204-726-6441)

District Offices:
Boissevain - Box 820, R0K 0E0 (204-534-2028)
Carberry - Box 900, R0K 0H0 (204-834-8800)
Cranberry Portage - Box 130, R0B 0H0 (204-472-3331)
Dauphin - Box 10, 27 - 2nd Ave., SW., R7N 3E5 (204-622-2106)
Manitou - Box 10, R0G 1G0 (204-242-2950)
Neepawa - Box 1089, R0J 1H0 (204-476-2076)
Portage la Prairie - 25 Tupper St. N., R1N 3K1 (204-239-3204)
Roblin - Box 849, Roblin, R0L 1P0 (204-937-6452)
Shoal Lake - Box 416, R0J 1Z0 (204-759-4080)
Snow Lake - Box 339, R0B 1M0 (204-358-2521)
Swan River - Box 640, R0L 1Z0 (204-734-3429)
The Pas - Box 2550, R9A 1M4 (204-627-8287)
Virden - Box 1360, R0M 2C0 (204-748-4240)
Winnipegosis - Box 366, R0L 2G0 (204-656-7030)

Northern Region

Regional Office:
Thompson - Box 28, 59 Elizabeth Dr. R8N 1X4 (204-677-6648)

District Offices:
Churchill - Box 760, R0B 0E0 (204-675-8897)
Gillam - Box 429, R0B 0L0 (204-652-2273)
Gods Lake Narrows - R0B 0M0 (204-335-2366)
Island Lake - Box 69, Stevenson Island, R0B 2H0 (204-456-2363)
Lynn Lake/Leaf Rapids - Box 239, Lynn Lake R0B 0W0 (204-356-2413)
Norway House - Box 100, R0B 1B0 (204-359-6877)
Thompson - Box 28, 59 Elizabeth Dr. R8N 1X4 (204-677-6653)
Wabowden - Box 40, R0B 1S0 (204-689-2688)