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Exporter Development

Manitoba Trade is the lead trade agency in the province. We are at your service! Please view our Export Services information, designed to help you develop and grow your export business.

Consider us part of your export team!

Photo of Group MeetingHave you ever wished that you could increase your marketing efforts with additional resources. We can help. We have industry expertise, a focused commitment to growing exports and the contacts worldwide to make it happen.Our dedicated Manitoba Trade and Investment consultants will work with you one-on-one -- in your shop or 'on the road' -- to help you take your business to the next level. Together, we will assess your strengths and preparedness for exporting.

Tailored to you

Manitoba Trade and Investment provides different types of assistance and programs including support for new and emerging exporters, and assistance for experienced exporters to enter new international markets

Are you a new/emerging exporter?

  • support for domestic activities, including exhibiting in Canadian trade shows, information sessions, seminars, mentoring and networking events for companies.
  • introduction to our closest and largest market with missions into the U.S. — "border buster" missions to meet with exporting service providers and buyers, matchmaking events targeted to buyers in the U.S. upper Midwest region (these events will allow new exporters to meet with potential buyers or representatives, customs officials, embassy staff and freight forwarders, while exploring the market opportunities close to Manitoba).
  • an improved Commercialization Support for Business Program will provide support in your efforts to develop promotional materials or web-enabled marketing.
  • Are you an experienced exporter seeking new markets? If YES, click here for more information

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