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Manitoba Trade and Investment

Exporter Development

Quick Facts:  Overview of Manitoba

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Province of Canada since 1870. Manitoba means “where the spirit lives” in the languages of the province’s Indigenous people.

Political Leader

Premier Brian Pallister


649,947 square km/250,946 square miles (larger than Japan and twice the size of the United Kingdom)

Total Population


Capital City

Winnipeg (population 793,400)

Value of CDN $ against major currencies (May 2016)

US $ = $1.30 CAD
Euro = $1.48 CAD
Mexican Peso = $0.07 CAD Chinese RMB = $0.20 CAD

Sources: Bank of Canada, Innovation, Science and Economic, Development Canada (Trade Data Online), Manitoba Bureau of Statistics and the City of Winnipeg

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Manitoba Trade and Investment Corporation is an agency of Manitoba Growth, Enterprise and Trade

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