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Quick Facts:  The Manitoba Environment

Agricultural Commodities
Canola, wheat, hogs, cattle, dairy, oats, poultry, eggs, barley and flaxseed.

Manitoba’s Strategic Advantages
Hydroelectric rates among the lowest in North America, mid-continent transportation gateway, central time zone, skilled multi-cultural workforce, diverse and stable economy for growth.

Four distinct seasons – cold dry winter, hot dry summer, temperate spring and fall.

Prairie grassland in the south and west, Canadian Shield lakes and forests in the east and north; a small area of Manitoba’s extreme north is Arctic tundra.

Natural Resources
Abundant fresh water, hydroelectricity, base metals (nickel, copper, zinc), fishing, forestry, gold, oil and other minerals.

Sources: Bank of Canada, Innovation, Science and Economic, Development Canada (Trade Data Online), Manitoba Bureau of Statistics and the City of Winnipeg

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