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field of beansThe Manitoba Advantage

The unique mix of climate and soil conditions in Manitoba makes it one of the most logical locations for dry bean production in Canada.

The presence of a substantial fertile growing area with adequate moisture levels coupled with the longest growing season on the Canadian prairies has resulted in Manitoba's astonishing success in the field bean industry.

About the Industry

Manitoba began producing field beans in 1963 when 100 acres were harvested. The industry grew at a respectable rate from the 1960s until the mid-1990s, at which time production had reached approximately 40 thousand acres.

However, Manitoba field bean production has exploded over the last 7 years from 64,000 acres in 1996 to 310,000 acres in 2002.

As a result of this explosive growth, Manitoba now produces approximately 56.8 percent of Canada's total dry bean crop (63% of navy beans and 47% of coloured beans.)

navy bean seedVarieties

Canada is home to more than 10 different varieties of beans that are various sizes and colours.

The main types grown in Manitoba include Navy (White Pea Beans), Pinto, Black, Red Mexican and Red Kidney.

Some other varieties in limited production include Cranberry, Pink, Great Northern and Dutch Brown

All Manitoba produced beans are grown and processed to exceed the consumers' expectations of high quality and safety. Manitoban producers strive for excellence in three key quality criteria: size, shape and colour.

Manitoba beans are backed by Canada's strict food safety assurance system and the producers' unwavering attention to detail.

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High Quality

red kidney bean seed As world demand for high-quality beans is increasing, Manitoba producers and researchers are striving to find new, more efficient ways to grow, harvest, process and deliver top-quality dry bean varieties that meet and/or exceed the world's demands for appearance, taste and processing characteristics.

Canadian researchers are developing new processing methods and new bean-based food products.

The newest niche markets for Manitoba beans include quick-cooking bean-based foods and other specialty products. All Manitoba beans are grown for human consumption with quality being the number one priority for producers.


pinto beans Several Manitoba companies purchase beans from Manitoba producers for cleaning, bagging and shipping to customers both within Canada and around the world.

Those shipped within Canada are often sent to eastern Canadian provinces where they are processed into a variety of products such as soups or pork and beans.

The majority of Manitoba beans, however, are exported internationally to countries such as Cuba, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Venezuela and The Netherlands.

The Manitoba bean industry is gaining a reputation for its superior quality product, sound management experience and commitment to meet consumer demand domestically and internationally.

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