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Bee on a flowerThe Manitoba Advantage

The unique climatic and agricultural conditions in Manitoba make it one of the most productive places in the world to produce honey.

The widespread cultivation of a variety of important nectar producing crops such as alfalfa, sweet clover, Canola, buckwheat and sunflower, to mention a few, coupled with the long hot summer days characteristic of the Canadian prairies provide ideal foraging and honey producing conditions for bees.

Jars of honeyThis results in high levels of honey production and efficient pollination activity.

About the Industry

The keeping of honey bees for honey production has grown into an important part of the Manitoba agricultural industry. Manitoba currently has approximately 800 beekeepers who operate about 92,000 colonies of bees.

Average honey production of approximately 77 kg. per colony is one of the highest in the world. This high level of production results in total production approaching 10,000 tonnes each year.

Due to the relatively small population base in Manitoba, most of the honey production leaves the province to markets in other parts of Canada, the United States and many overseas destinations.


Due to our long history of exporting honey, Manitoba beekeepers, honey brokers and registered honey packaging corporations have extensive experience in servicing foreign markets.

Honey may be obtained in a variety of forms ranging from raw unprocessed honey packaged in barrels and sold in shipping containers holding approximately 16,000 kg. of honey, to honey that has been processed and packaged in consumer containers.

Honey packing plants in Manitoba, which must meet rigorous Government of Canada inspection and licencing standards, are also capable of custom packing honey in the customer's brand containers. Custom packaged honey can be provided in "pasteurized", "unpasteurized", liquid and "creamed" forms.

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HoneyConsistent High Quality

Manitoba is recognised for consistently producing very high quality honey that can meet the most rigorous of international standards.

The characteristics of the various types of honey produced are determined by the floral sources  that the bees visit to collect nectar and turn it into honey.

We produce an abundance of light coloured, mild flavoured honey, such as sweet clover honey, as well as more specialised honey with unique flavours and colours, such as sunflower honey and buckwheat honey.

The hot summer days and clean fresh air so characteristic of Manitoba, guarantee that Manitoba honey will be low in moisture and always pure.


As a result of Manitoba's high level of honey production, Manitoba beekeepers also produce an abundance of high quality beeswax.

Some beekeepers also produce and package high quality pollen.

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