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Oats for Green Feed Close-upThe Manitoba Advantage

The unique climate in Manitoba makes it one of the most productive places in the world to grow oats.

The long warm days characteristic of the Canadian prairies coupled with adequate moisture levels provides producers with ideal oat-growing conditions.

As well, Manitoba has the added benefit of its central location in the heart of North America, close to major processors in Canada and the United States, and its excellent service by road, air and rail. Together these factors result in high quality, easily accessible oats.

About the Industry

From the time Manitoba was first settled until the early 1900s, the production of oats was extremely important to producers of the area.

Since horses were used extensively in their agricultural operations throughout this period, the oats provided their horses with an excellent source of feed.

In fact, oat production reached its pinnacle in Manitoba in 1921 when over 2 million acres were harvested.

However, with the advent of machinery and mechanized farming procedures, the importance of the horse as an agricultural labourer declined and with it the area seeded for oats decreased as well, and by the late 1980s, Manitoba's production of oats had declined to less than 400,000 acres.

Yet the 1990s saw resurgence in the area seeded to oats, as oats gained popularity as a healthy product for human consumption.

Today, Manitoba producers harvest over 800,000 acres of oats each year, which is greater than 25% of Canada's annual production.

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Field of Ripe OatsProcessing

The oats grown in Manitoba, especially those from the Red River Valley, are renowned for their high milling quality.

As well, the Red River Valley has some of the highest concentrations of oats grown per square kilometre in all of North America.

For these reasons, Manitoba has two major facilities that process oats as well as several smaller facilities. Can-Oat Milling Products, in Portage la Prairie and Manitoba's largest oat processor, processes oats into various products for human consumption including flour, groats, rolled oats and oat bran, as well as producing oats for animal feed rations.

Emerson Milling, located in Emerson near the Canadian/American border, processes oats for the use in animal feed, including feed for domestic pets, birds and horses.

Oats SeedTrade

Manitoba exports both the unprocessed oats and those oats that have been processed into various products.

Over the last few years, the level of unprocessed oats exported has been declining, while the processed oats products being exported is on the rise.

The unprocessed oats have long been a popular choice for racehorse feed and more recently for milling and cereal products in the United States. Oat bran, rolled oats and oat flour are a few of the processed oat products that Manitoba exports around the world.

While the bulk of our oats and processed oat products are destined for the United States, other destinations for our oats include Japan and several other countries in the Far East, and Colombia, Chile and several other nations in Latin and South America.

Manitoba producers have a long tradition of growing and producing top quality oats and processed oat products.

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