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peas close upThe Manitoba Advantage

The long, sunny days characteristic of the Canadian prairies and the fertile soil found throughout southern Manitoba combine to provide the ideal environment to grow superior quality peas.

The growing environment is further enhanced by Manitoba's relatively cool, northern climate that provides some natural protection from insects and disease.

The presence of these growing conditions results in high yields of top quality peas.

About the Industry

Pea production in Manitoba began in 1908 when less than 2000 acres were harvested, and its production was quite sporadic until 1919. However, the last 80 years has demonstrated a growth in production that reached a pinnacle of 260 thousand acres in 1998.

There are nearly 740 producers in Manitoba who, over the last 15 years, have harvested an average of approximately 175 thousand acres of peas per year.

This makes Manitoba the third largest pea-producing province in Canada.


To maintain their position in the pea market, both Manitoba and Canada continually promote leading-edge research to foster improvements in variety, production and processing.

Manitoba researchers and producers also actively participate in progressive research and development studies to discover new uses of component pea parts such as pea fibre, starch and protein.

Manitoba's ongoing research includes a quality focus in which all products are backed by Canada's strict food safety assurance system.

It is this quest for excellence that has brought the Manitoba pea industry to where it is today.

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Processing occurs both within Winnipeg and throughout the surrounding region. There are several companies in Manitoba that clean, split and bag peas for export.

Other processing in Manitoba includes the refinement of pea starch and protein, the production of fine and coarse pea hull fibre, and the production of consumer packaged goods such as pea soups.

As well, feed quality peas are used in hog rations as an alternative protein source to soy and canola meal.


peas seedlingThe majority of peas produced by Manitoba producers are yellow peas for food and livestock feed, while a smaller amount of green peas are also produced.

Some of the food quality peas are shipped to canneries in Eastern Canada, however the majority of food pea exports are shipped to countries such as Spain, Belgium, the United States and Mexico.

Manitoba also exports small amounts of pea flour to countries including the United States, Belgium, Norway and the United Kingdom.

Manitoba is committed to meeting its customers' demands and continually providing leading-edge research and a top quality product.

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