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The Manitoba Advantage

Wheat - floweringThe unique climate and central location of Manitoba makes it one of the most productive places in the world to grow wheat.

The long warm summer days characteristic of the Canadian prairies coupled with adequate moisture levels and fertile soil provides producers with ideal wheat-growing conditions.

Manitoba's location, in the heart of North America, is close to major processors in Canada and the United States and, being directly located on north-south and east-west shipping routes, Manitoba receives excellent service by road, air and rail.
Taken together, these factors result in high quality wheat that is easily accessible to the end consumer.

About the Industry

Canada is one of the world's largest wheat producers and exporters, and its wheat is renowned for a consistent high quality, which is advantageous to the milling industry.

However, due in part to the significant decline in average wheat prices throughout the 1990s and competition in the growing rotation from other crops, Manitoba's wheat production has declined from 5.45 million acres in its peak years in the early 1990s, to slightly more than 3.5 million acres at the turn of the century.  Today, Manitoba produces approximately 12-15 percent of Canada's total wheat production.

Contracts and options for feed wheat can be traded on the ICE Futures Canada.

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Manitoba produces seven classes of Canadian wheat that are offered on the world market.

  1. Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS) Wheat is hard wheat with superior milling and baking quality offered at various guaranteed levels of protein content.

  2. Canada Western Red Winter (CWRW) Wheat is also a hard wheat with excellent milling quality used for products such as French bread, flat bread and steamed bread and certain types of noodles.

  3. Canada Western Amber Durum (CWAD) Wheat produces a high yield of semolina with excellent pasta-making quality.

  4. Canada Prairie Spring Red (CPSR) Wheat is used for a wide range of products, such as hearth, flat and steamed breads, and noodles.

  5. Canada Prairie Spring White (CPSW) Wheat, a medium strength wheat, can be used for flat breads, noodles and chapattis.

  6. Canada Western Extra Strong (CWES) Wheat has extra gluten suitable for blending purposes and for the production of hearth and pan breads.

  7. Canada Western Soft White Spring (CWSWS) Wheat is a soft wheat of medium-to-low protein content used for flat breads, noodles, steamed breads, chapattis, cookies, cakes and pastry.

Wheat processed into flour, cereal food, pasta, bread and bakery products comprises a large component of food processing in Manitoba.

Manitoba has three flour mills, as well as numerous bakeries and local processors of fresh, frozen or dry pasta.  While much of the pasta, bread and bakery products are consumed locally; Manitoba exports small amounts of these products as well as flour.

Feed wheat is also used extensively in local livestock production.

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Wheat - close-upThe majority of Manitoba's wheat exports are in the unprocessed form and over 70 countries around the world import Manitoba wheat, including the United States, Iran, Japan and Mexico.

Until the 2012 crop year, the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) represented western Canadian wheat producers as their sole exporter of wheat. Changes in Government of Canada legislation removed the monopoly power of CWB effective August 2012.

Today the CWB is just one of several exporters that are prepared to export wheat to clients around the globe.

Tradition & Quality

Canada has consistently been a major producer of high-quality wheat on the world stage.
Manitoba's wheat is subject to the strict quality standards of the Canadian Grain Commission's grain quality control program, which includes varietal control, licensing of elevators, product inspection and weighing, and sanitation and quality monitoring programs.

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