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Vegetable Sector

Vegetable Sector
  • Bee on a flowerVegetable production is primarily for the table market. There are sizable farming operations in Manitoba with the infrastructure to support production and distribution for potential processors.
  • Manitoba is Western Canada's largest producer of potatoes and is home to four potato-processing plants. Manitoba produces approximately 20 per cent of the Canadian potato crop and in the past 10 years, the volume of Manitoba potatoes marketed has ranged from less than 15 million cwt to over 21 million cwt.
  • Manitoba grows over 120 varieties of vegetables that are not only shipped within Canada, but also to markets in the United States, Asia, Europe and Latin America.
  • Manitoba has a strong horticulture industry ranging from roadside u-pick fruit and vegetable operations to multi-million dollar greenhouse enterprises which supply regional horticultural needs and the growing demand for landscape and ornamental plants. Leading edge technology in greenhouse operations enables vegetable production for extended vegetable/herb/flower production throughout the province.

Opportunities to explore:

  • Potato dehydration plant, given current and historical levels of potato production Carrots
  • Due to increased consumption of fresh and processed vegetables with greater awareness of their health benefits, oppportunity for frozen and canned vegetable processing, including aseptic tetra-packaging capabililties
  • Fresh vegetable product processing using modified atmosphere packaging
  • Commercial development of oriental vegetable production
  • Development of commercial greenhouses for year-round vegetable production
  • Local landscape industry
  • Export markets for nursery and bedding plants
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