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group of dairy cowsManitoba, located near the centre of North America, has a small but vibrant and progressive dairy industry, which produces some of the world's best dairy genetics.

Manitoba's 630 dairy producers have used good breeding and management practices and a solid balanced breeding approach to develop the Canadian dairy cow into an efficient and productive animal.

Manitoba's dairy producers are capable and willing to share their superior dairy genetics with other producers worldwide.

Close to World Dairy Markets

Manitoba is within a day's drive of major US dairy production areas, making genetic searches and animal transportation by truck very easy.

Winnipeg's modern, expanding airport is able to service visitors and fly genetic materials worldwide.

Manitoba dairy cattle have an excellent health status and are exportable worldwide.

dairy cow from the backManitoba's Health Standards Second to None

  • Rigorous testing by veterinarians maintain a brucellosis and TB-free status.
  • Many herds have prevention and control measures for leucosis and Johne's Disease.
  • Manitoba cattle and genetics are generally exportable worldwide.

Balanced Breeding Approach Works

Equal attention for functional type and production traits leads to dairy cattle that produce profitably for a long time.

Important type traits such as size, strength, capacity, dairyness, good feet and legs, and well-supported udders combined with high production makes an efficient, productive animal.

cows eating

cows eating front

Manitoba Diary Producers Use Modern Tools for Breed Improvement

  • Artificial insemination (A.I.) - over 85% of dairy cows and 65% of heifers are bred by A.I.
  • Over 62% of all Manitoba dairy herds are enrolled on milk recording (DHI)
  • Over 50% of all herds are breed association members
  • Many herds clasify all cows
  • Many breeders show cattle locally and away
  • Producers use modern management and technology
cow cows

Manitoba Produces Superior Dairy Cattle

  • big, strong, and capacious
  • angular, clean and dairy
  • good feet and legs
  • functional, correct mammary system
  • cows that work hard and long
  • productive and efficient

Manitoba offers the superior dairy genetics to make your herds stronger.

Download Producing the World's Finest Dairy Genetics Brochure in PDF format

Producing the World's Finest Dairy Genetics Brochure
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The province's wide open spaces, advanced breeding techniques and high food safety standards make it an ideal location to raise dairy herds.

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