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Picture of hogThe Manitoba Advantage

Manitoba is home to the most dynamic pork industry in Canada.

Local producers have been raising pigs from the time Manitoba was first settled, and the pork industry has continued to  evolve.

Today, an exciting surge of growth is underway - pig production continues to rapidly increase, exports are booming and processing plants are upgrading and expanding.

Manitoba enjoys numerous competitive advantages including reasonable land costs, low manure disposal costs, and a low cost of production.

As well, Manitoba is home to a large number of knowledgeable producers who, using leading edge technologies and efficient production practices and having access to an abundance of high quality grain supplies, are fuelling a building and expansion boom in the Manitoba pork industry, second to none in Canada.

About the Industry

Manitoba's pork industry is built on a solid foundation of commercial hog operations. It is an industry that grew out of humble beginnings before the turn of the century and expanded to approximately 2 million hogs by 1990.

However, it is within the last decade that the province's hog production has had its most dramatic increase. In 2001, approximately 1668 hog operations across the province produced nearly 6.4 million hogs - over 20 percent of the Canadian total - 19 percent of these hog operations produce weanlings only, 33.1 percent are farrow to finish, and 47.9 percent are feeder operations.

Growth in the pork-processing sector has accompanied the increase in hog production and approximately 370 million kilograms of pork were processed in 2001 in Manitoba.

One of the sector's unique strengths is the partnership formed by farmers, pork processors, feed plants and the complete range agri-business service companies, and their combined commitment to future growth and expansion. Some of these partners are large companies with international experience, ready to offer turnkey operations to new partners and investors.


The growth of Manitoba's pork processing industry has been spurred on by a tremendous growth in export sales.

Manitoba is well positioned to supply pork products to important export markets, since its strategic location provides virtually tariff-free access to North America and an extensive network of air, truck and rail distribution links allows it to readily service international markets.

More than 90% of Manitoba pork is sold to customers outside the province and approximately 60% is shipped internationally.

While the U.S. is Manitoba's largest export market, an aggressive pursuit of opportunities in markets such as Japan, Korea, China, and other countries is ongoing. Manitoba has also embarked on a new quality assurance program to encourage that the production of pork meets the standards of our export customers.

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Hogs in Hoop BarnManitoba was the first Canadian province to move to a flexible pork marketing system.

Manitoba producers and processors have the opportunity to enter into direct contracts with buyers and sellers, or they can buy and sell through the Manitoba Pork Producers Marketing Co-op. This flexibility also allows the Manitoba pork industry to respond quickly and efficiently to market forces, ensuring the industry can supply the type of product the world demands.


Manitoba stands out as the province offering the best quality pork in a country that is renowned for its quality pork production. For more than 10 years, Manitoba pork has earned the highest average rating under Canada's national carcass grading system, which measures meat yield.

The industry's long-term commitment to superior genetics and herd health has led to continual improvements in quality. From the beginning to the end of the production chain, the industry strives to ensure top quality pork products that meet the world's demands.

Rigid inspection and sanitary standards, including the Canadian program for residue testing and monitoring, are enforced at all processing facilities and are recognized as among the most stringent testing procedures in the world.

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