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turkeysThe Manitoba Advantage

Turkey production in Manitoba is a logical choice due to a traditional crop-producing background and Manitoba's central location in the heart of North America.

Manitoba is renowned as a world-class crop-producing province, which in turn provides turkey producers with a large supply of competitively-priced feed.

Manitoba's central location provides excellent road, rail and air service to our domestic and international customers.

These, and other advantages, allow Manitoba to have one of the lowest costs of production figures for turkey across Canada.

About the Industry

Manitoba has approximately 67 registered and over 50 non-registered turkey producers.

They market over 1.3 million birds annually, which comprises about 7 percent of the Canadian turkey flock.

The industry is supported by eight hatchery supply breeding stock farms and one provincial hatchery.

Together, they house over 75,000 hens, set over 9.1 million eggs and hatch over 6.7 million poults.

The majority of the turkey industry is located in the southeastern portion of the province with large concentrations around Steinbach, Portage la Prairie, Teulon and Arborg.

The Manitoba turkey-producing season is split into 3 equal periods and depending on the size of the producer, turkeys may be marketed in all three seasons.

Therefore, larger producers may market as many as five flocks per year, whereas smaller producers may only market one.

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Supply Management

Turkey production in Canada is a supplied managed commodity regulated through the Federal-Provincial Agreement for turkey.

Supply management means that, through Manitoba Turkey Producers (provincial marketing board) and Canadian Turkey Marketing Agency (CTMA -- national marketing agency), producers regulate the level of product (supply) produced in Canada.

This system prevents an excess or shortage of product in the marketplace, thereby providing economic stability for the producer.

To estimate the volume of turkey required nationally, the CTMA consults with various sectors of the turkey industry on a yearly basis.

The agency divides this figure between the provincial boards, who in turn allocate a production quota to registered producers.

Conversely, non-registered producers are only allowed to market up to 99 birds per year.


Granny's Poultry Cooperative Ltd. is Manitoba's primary turkey slaughter and processing plant, and it slaughters all the registered birds.

A secondary processing facility, Prairie Produce Inc., further processes a portion of Manitoba's turkey.

Each year over 11.8 million kg of fresh and frozen turkey and turkey products are produced for the domestic and international markets.

Processed products include fresh turkey parts such as boneless, skinless or whole turkey breasts and thighs and ground turkey, wings and drums.

Manitoba also produces fresh or frozen whole broiler, hen and tom turkeys.

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Manitoba potentially has room for growth outside of the domestic quota system by supplying additional export markets with both eviscerated and live birds.

Manitoba's turkey breeding flocks all participate in an extensive health-testing program overseen by Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives.

They export a significant portion of their production across Canada and around the world. In fact, Manitoba currently has several large trade partners to whom they export processed turkey, hatching eggs and poults.

These partners include the United States, China, Japan, Russia, South Africa, and several countries in Latin America and the Far East. New emerging markets for Manitoba's turkey products are also currently being investigated.

As new markets are opened, consumers will realize that Manitoba turkey producers have a solid reputation for providing a high quality product and a commitment to meeting demand, both domestically and internationally.

Food Safety & Quality

Canadian health standards are some of the highest in the world, and we have specific regulations concerning barn requirements, feed and cleanliness.

Manitoba turkey producers are encouraged to follow guidelines from the Canadian Turkey Marketing Agency entitled, "Best Management Practices for Turkey Production".

These producers also follow a program called Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), an international recognized program for controlling food safety. Manitoba turkeys processed in a federally inspected plant bear a "Canada Approved" or "Canada" health inspection label and therefore the consumer is assured that their purchase is top quality turkey meat.

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