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Manitoba's environmental technology industry has strengths in the areas of waste management, water treatment and engineering services. These products and services can be and are exported worldwide. The industry is diversified and has many areas of strength. Participants in the industry consultations have indicated a willingness to work closely with government as a partner in developing this industry.

Manitoba companies have existing strengths in dealing with land and water contamination. Engineering consulting firms and specialized product suppliers have developed a niche of activities in which they excel. This strength is concentrated on solutions to today's environmental problems.

Manitoba has announced it intends to mandate a10% ethanol content in gasoline (E10), which is expected to spur the development of 140 million liters of ethanol production, compared to the current level of about 10 million liters or 10% of Manitoba’s wheat output. However, other newer technologies are on the horizon including conversion of cellulose waste materials. In total, these ethanol activities are expected to reduce green house gas (GHG) emissions from vehicles by 5% and carbon monoxide outputs by 25%.

With a mid-continental climate and strong manufacturing base, Manitoba has developed a number of companies specializing in producing energy efficient buildings and components. As an result, Manitoba leads the country in the number of Ground Source Heat Pumps installed.

Manitoba companies are also providing cost and energy-efficient aerospace and mass transit products using the latest in technology. Examples range from nuclear technology used to repair aircraft components, to the manufacturing of urban and long distance buses. Much of this energy efficiency technology forms the basis for the innovative work conducted in green building practices, energy technologies and market demonstrations.

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