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Green Building

Design Concept image for the new Mantioba Hydro downtown officeThe term ‘green building’ gets its name from the environmental considerations used in its design and construction. The green buildings will reduce annual energy use and annual carbon dioxide emissions.

Manitoba Green Building Policy/Building Green for a Greener Future:

Four main reasons for the increased interest in green building:

  • favourable economics
  • increased health
  • multiple social benefits and
  • protection of the environment by reducing negative impacts on the environment.

The major green building features developed are:

  • the use of daylighting
  • energy efficient envelopes
  • high efficiency boilers,
  • use of grey water from sinks and showers to flush toilets
  • large underground storage tanks to capture rainwater runoff for irrigation use
  • use of sun shades and deflectors
  • an aggressive construction waste management initiative.

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