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Manitoba Environmental Industries Association (MEIA)

Manitoba enjoys a thriving and diverse economy with continuing development and growth. Manitoba's Environment Sector is growing to meet the challenge of supporting this broad range of economic development while maintaining a clean and sustainable future for our province. We are a centre of expertise for environmental business and we would like to share our knowledge and experience with the world.

The Manitoba Environmental Industries Association Inc. (MEIA) has developed as the "go-to" agency for business development, professional and staff development, and various industry initiatives within the environmental businesss sector. As our members reach out to International Markets, MEIA is supporting the increasing demand to export Manitoba Environment Sector excellence.

We are proud to be a part of the Manitoba Environmental Industy Capabilities guide. We invite you to explore this director and discover the many advantages of doing business with Manitoba environmental companies.

Doug Ramsey, President,
Manitoba Environmental Industries Association Inc. (MEIA)

Doug Ramsey, President of MEIA

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