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International Trade Canada Regional Offices (ITCan RO)

International Trade Canada Regional Offices (ITCan RO) provide a full range of trade development services and assistance to Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises. Trade commissioners in the Regional Offices handle various sectors of the economy. Charles Hatzipanayis is the Trade Commissioner responsible for the environmental sector with the ITCAN RO in Winnipeg and he is very active in promoting the export of Manitoba products and/or services in the environmental sector through the provision of:

  • One-On-One Export Help - assistance in implementing an export strategy and recommend other specialized export services that are available here in Canada or through our offices abroad.

  • Market and Industry Information - provision of up-to-date foreign market information and intelligence to guide your export strategy and plans. With offices located in cities around the world and just around the corner in Canada, we can help you connect with trade commissioners and potential partners in your target markets.

  • Assistance in Export Financing - advise you of funding programs available in your province or territory that can help Canadian companies like yours share the costs and risks of entering and expanding in foreign markets.

  • Trade Fairs, Missions and Events - we can recommend international trade fairs and trade missions that will match your company's needs.

We also work with partners to organize seminars and events in Canada that will help you learn about business environments and opportunities abroad. Active in promoting the export of Canadian products and/or services in the environmental sector.

Contact Information:
Charles Hatzipanayis Trade Commissioner
International Trade Canada Winnipeg Regional Office
Address: 4th Floor - 400 St. Mary Avenue
City, Province: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Postal Code: R3C 4K5
Phone. (204) 983-6033

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Manitoba Environmental Industries Association Inc. (MEIA)

Manitoba Environmental Industries Association Inc. (MEIA)The environment sector represents a sizable industry in Manitoba. A commitment to the and positive legislative and policy frameworks has created a context for the growth of the environmental industry in both the domestic and export markets. The Manitoba Environmental Industries Association Inc. (MEIA) is a non-profit organization that is committed to connecting business, government and interested stakeholders with environmental issues and opportunities.

Our mission is to promote environmental sustainability and high standards for service and ethics. MEIA carries out this mission by organizing and conducting activities to:

  • serve the learning and informational needs of our members

  • promote environmentally sound industry initiatives

  • facilitate business development opportunities

  • initiate positive change in policy and regulatory frameworks

MEIA provides opportunities to expand contacts, gain business development information, stay current with governmental policy and legislation, and increase knowledge of environmental practices and initiatives. We facilitate information exchange and networking through special events, breakfast sessions, training programs, information updates and newsletters. As our members reach out to International Markets, MEIA is supporting the increasing demand to export Manitoba excellence in the Environment Sector

Contact Information:
Linda English
Business Liaison
Manitoba Environmental Industries Association Inc.
3227 Roblin Blvd.,Winnipeg, Manitoba R3R 0C2
Phone. (204) 783-7090

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Manitoba Trade and InvestmentManitoba Trade and Investment

Manitoba Trade and Investment has Trade Specialists and International Trade Development Consultants who specialize in sector specific trade development support, market information and opportunity identification. The Trade Specialists can help your firm with your initial export efforts and will also assist you with your market diversification efforts. The International Trade Development Consultants have specific market information and intelligence on priority international markets. They can assist you with in-market support in areas such as locating representatives, identifying opportunities and understanding business cultural realities. Trade specialists and International Trade Development Consultants have comprehensive knowledge of trade and export issues, as well as access to existing trade development programs.

Manitoba Trade and Investment provides local exporters with: timely, useful information and analysis on export markets and issues of interest, regularly-faxed information on upcoming opportunities to participate in seminars, trade missions and trade shows.

Contact Manitoba Trade and Investment today for more information on how you can make international trade work for your company.

Manitoba Trade & Investment Corporation
Contact: Bonnie de Moissac
1100 – 259 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3C 3P4
Phone: (204) 945-2466
Fax: (204) 957-1793 or (toll-free in North America) 1-800-529-9981

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Western Economic Diversification Canada

Western Economic Diversification Canada

Building Sustainable Communities

WD is committed to building sustainable communities and advancing western Canada’s economy through the development and adoption of environmental technologies.

From investments in the Red River College’s solar energy technology to hosting the Western Canada Environmental Technology Forum to support for the expansion of the Fort Whyte Environmental Centre and ongoing work to establish a Green Building Council in Manitoba, WD is committed to laying the foundation that will enable western Canadian communities to improve their social, environmental and economic sustainability.

WD is increasing its investment in research on new environmental technologies and encourages you to explore the commercial advantages these technologies have to offer.

Édifier des collectivités durables

Diversification de l’économie de l’Ouest Canada (DEO) se consacre à l’édification de collectivités durables et au développement de l’économie de l’Ouest canadien en favorisant l’essor et l’adoption des technologies environnementales.

De ses investissements dans la technologie de l’énergie solaire au Red River College à la tenue du Forum sur les technologies environnementales de l’Ouest canadien, du soutien de l’agrandissement du centre environnemental de Fort Whyte au travail continu visant à établir le Conseil sur les bâtiments écologiques du Manitoba, DEO est déterminé à jeter les bases qui permettront aux collectivités de l’Ouest canadien d’améliorer leur durabilité sur les plans social, environnemental et économique.

DEO augmente ses investissements dans la recherche sur les nouvelles technologies environnementales et vous invite à explorer les avantages commerciaux que les technologies environnementales ont à offrir.

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