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Waste Management

large blue recycling binOne of the greatest improvements to Manitoba's solid waste management system over the last decade has been the establishment of alternative waste management facilities. These facilities are important because they offer communities a reuse or recycling alternative for products and materials that may have previously gone to landfill.

Manitoba’s recycling companies buy, process and sell brass, copper, aluminum, batteries, scrap metal, HOPE plastic, steel food cans, glass jars, bottles, P.E.T, H.D.P.E, H.I.P.S. plastic, O.N.P., O.C.C., and provide a brokerage service.

Some consulting firms conduct feasibility studies relating to pollution control and secondary waste disposal, as well as the use, generation and recovery of gases. They also evaluate the use of fluidized bed gasification in the disposal of hazardous waste and power generation. New, innovative technologies are being developed for a high purity, molecular distillation.

New World Technologies (NWT) is the third largest recycler of Laser/Fax printer toner cartridges in Canada. The efficiency focus has kept NWT price competitive as the number of different cartridge types in the market continue to increase.

The thriving agriculture sector in Manitoba provides significant opportunities for environmental remediation of wastes and processing as well as the utilization of crops and crop residues that are not only energy efficient but also reduce consumption of virgin material and sequester carbon/GHG.

Manitoba’s companies provide solutions for: proper handling, storage, transport, use, and disposal of chemicals and other materials that pose risks to the health of employees, the public, and the environment.

Logan Iron & Metal Co. Ltd., which has been established since 1972, is a full service recycler of ferrous and non ferrous scrap metal. The company is both an importer and exporter of a wide range of products including: copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, lead, zinc and nickel scrap that meet ISRI specifications. In addition, the company deals with a range of other metals and recyclable products, and is always striving for new export markets for specialized products such as used computers, telephone equipment, transformer cores, communication wire, and useable silicon steel.

Miller Environmental Corporation provides comprehensive and environmentally sound industrial waste management services to a wide range of industries. International Waste disposal services are provided by their Maritimes division to the International airlines, cruise ships, Department of National Defense and merchant vessels who require safe and approved disposal of waste materials originating from outside of continental North America. These disposal programs are fully approved by and have been developed with extensive input from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency regulating authority.


The development of alternative waste management facilities has been stimulated in part by the support provided by Manitoba's product stewardship agencies, including;

the Manitoba Product Stewardship Corporation (MPSC)--multi-material recycling;

Manitoba Association for Resource Recovery Corporation (MARRC)--used oil, filters and containers; Tire Stewardship Board (TSB)--used tires;

and the Crop Protection Institute of Canada (CPIC)--pesticide containers.

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