Safety and Security Opportunities

Industry Profile

Safety and Security is now a major issue for businesses, governments and citizens everywhere.

Manitoba companies specializing in the security sector understand security vulnerabilities, needs and requirements. They design and produce products which meet and exceed the security requirements of business and industry.

Manitoba consulting companies assess policies and practices and design systems which develop a strategy for the future. Police and law enforcement training institutions serve international needs.

Quote:  The rise of terrorism has brought new challenges - security challenges that are here to stay.  The stakes are high and it is imperative that we protect Canadians and our infrastructure. End Quote. Hon Jean C. Lapierre, Minister of TransportTop quality disaster and emergency response equipment and cutting-edge biometric technology for border security are among the province's strengths in this sector.

Traffic barriers and high speed security gates provide institutional security while portable, reliable fall protection and emergency oxygen systems for the mining industry and other applications are also Manitoba original equipment manufactures' products.

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