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Company Profile: OSORNO Enterprises Inc.

Category: Environmental & Natural Resources

Osorno is a process oriented company with key strength in bio-environmental technologies, however, components critical for process performance are also part of the product and service spectrum available through OSORNO.

The bioenvironmental technologies are:
(1) advanced water treatment in municipal or industrial applications, including disinfection with chlorine dioxide, and innovative ways to remove manganese and iron, and reduce arsenic or fluoride in raw water where they exceed legal limits,
(2) advanced wastewater treatment for municipal and industrial wastewater, including very high strength wastewater, and including "packaged" wastewater treatment plants for small communities, First Nations, resorts, lakeshore developments;
(3) biological treatment of exhaust gases containing organic pollutants or "smell";
(4) "nutrient recycling" of solid or semi-solid organic waste to increase the fertility of stressed soil.

Contact: Mr. H. Peter Hombach, President
976 Elgin Ave.,
Winnipeg MB
Canada R3E 1B4



Tel: 204-488-1538
Fax: 1.204-488-1566


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