Public Consultation on Franchises Act Regulation

This consultation paper includes Manitoba Justice and Manitoba Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade’s proposed regulation under The Franchises Act. The Act was passed June 17, 2010, and it will come into force on a date determined by proclamation after the regulation is finalized.

The Franchises Act will ensure that potential franchisees have access to adequate information before making an investment decision in a franchise business by requiring a franchisor to provide a disclosure document to a franchisee before a franchise agreement is signed. The Act will also give franchisees the right to associate with other franchisees without penalty and increase protection from unfair treatment for all parties.

The regulation will establish details of the disclosure document. Other items addressed by the regulation include delivery methods, a mature franchisor exemption from financial statement disclosure, refundable deposit maximums and the threshold for the small investment exemption.

Your feedback

This public consultation will be used to gather information and feedback from stakeholders.  The results will be used to prepare the final version of the Franchises Act Regulation. 

Your feedback is important and we welcome all comments.  Comments received will be an input into the final regulation preparation.

Please send written comments by December 15, 2011 to:

Franchises Consultation
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