Cannabis in Manitoba

Medical cannabis.

Health Canada’s existing medical cannabis program will remain in place following legalization of non-medical cannabis. For more information on medical cannabis, please visit the Government of Canada.

While the medical cannabis regime will remain under the federal government’s jurisdiction, regulations made under The Smoking and Vapours Products Control Act allows medical cannabis users to medicate in some public places.

The Smoking and Vapour Products Control Act prohibit smoking and vaping non-medical cannabis in outdoor public places including:

  • streets and sidewalks,
  • parks and beaches,
  • school grounds,
  • restaurant patios and decks,
  • the grounds of health-care facilities, and
  • any additional places that may be specified by regulation.

For more information, please see You can't use in public.

Medical cannabis users are permitted to smoke or vape medical cannabis in outdoor public places, except as follows:

  • within eight metres of a building to which the public has access;
  • on (or within eight metres of) a restaurant or bar patio or deck;
  • at a stadium or outdoor entertainment venue, or within eight metres of those venues;
  • in a wading pool, splash pad or water park, or within eight metres of those locations;
  • in or within eight metres of a playground;
  • on a public beach;
  • in bus shacks or other similar structures with a roof or other cover to which the public has access, or within eight metres of such structures; and
  • on the property of an educational institution or facility, except in an area that may be designated by a post-secondary educational institution or facility, if they choose to designate such an area.