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Hearings/Hearing Orders

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Hearing Orders - Returned Orders


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Certified Order: an Order certified with a seal. The Branch certifies all Orders that landlord and tenants can file and enforce in the Court of King’s Bench.

Claimant: a person who makes a claim against another.

Order: an Order for one person to pay another, generally for rent arrears, damage or cleaning costs.

Respondent: a landlord, tenant or co-signer against whom a claim is made.


When the Branch issues an Order, it sends it to the claimant and respondent by first class, pre-paid mail. Sometimes Canada Post returns an Order to the Branch.

When an Order is returned to the Branch, the Branch may re-issue the Order with a new appeal date. If the Order is returned because the respondent moved, the Branch won’t issue a new Order until the claimant provides a new address for the respondent.



Canada Post returns an Order to the Branch. An officer reviews the file to decide if it is possible to issue an amended Order.

Steps ▼   

1.   An officer receives an Order returned by Canada Post. The officer reviews       the file.

2.   If the Order was addressed incorrectly, the officer cancels the original       Order and issues a new Order with a new appeal date.

3.   If the Order is returned for any other reason, the officer places the       returned Order on file.



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