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Residential Tenancies Orders System

Guidelines for Search

  1. Individuals are only known by their name. The Residential Tenancies Branch makes no attempt to obtain other identifying information, like legal names, birth dates, physical description, when issuing Orders. It is up to the user of the information to verify with the person that the Order was made.

  2. Companies are only represented by their incorporated names. No attempt is made by the Residential Tenancies Branch to link corporate relationships e.g. holding companies, subsidiaries.

  3. The search is based solely on the text of the name and must be keyed exactly as it is contained in the Order. The search does not provide soundalike capability e.g. Cole and Kohl, Smith and Smythe.

  4. The list of Orders selected in the search will include all orders with the keywords you enter in the Textual Search box.

  5. French language characters, e.g. á, é, â when they appear in a name are not recognized in the search or displayed in the document



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