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Residential Tenancies Orders System

Information on the Orders System

  1. This information is provided from information maintained on file by the Residential Tenancies Branch and the Residential Tenancies Commission. It is a registry of Orders issued from 1999 onward by the Residential Tenancies Branch and the Commission under Parts 1 - 8 of The Residential Tenancies Act. Landlords and tenants are advised on theirapplication forms and letters from the Branch that orders issued under the ResidentialTenancies Act are public record.

  2. Individuals are only identified by name. The Orders System does not record birth dates, track name changes, or guarantee that the name displayed is currently in use by the individual concerned. Anyone relying on information about an individual identified in the Orders System should verify that there is an Order with the person.

  3. In order to protect the privacy of individuals, certain information in the Orders has been deleted. For example, residential addresses, telephone numbers, health and income information have been removed. When information has been deleted from the text of a document the symbol '*****' is inserted.

  4. The Residential Tenancies Branch or Commission accept no liability for any misuse or the accuracy of the information contained in the registry.

  5. Some of the Orders issued in 1999 were documents created on Word 97 templates which were originally converted from Wordperfect. These documents may look correct on the computer screen but there are hidden word processing codes in the document that cause problems when the user tries to print the document. If the user is unable to print the document they should contact the Residential Tenancies Branch to obtain a copy of the document.


The term "landlord" has a broad definition under The Residential Tenancies Act. It may refer to either the owner of the property, the property manager or any other person who falls within the definition of "landlord". Therefore, an Order can be made against a property manager or another person who falls within the scope of the definition of "landlord" even though the property manager or the other person is not the owner of the property.


To Obtain Authorization to Use the Orders System


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