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RTB Holds Money In Trust For Tenants

The Branch sometimes receives money that is owed to a tenant by a landlord.  That money is kept in a trust account for the tenant for two years.  The Branch keeps a record of any information it has that will help identify the tenant.  After two years, the money goes into the Security Deposit Compensation Fund.  Once the money goes into the Fund, the tenant is no longer entitled to it.  The money in the Fund may be used to teach landlords, tenants and others about residential tenancies in Manitoba.

If you think there may be some money for you in the trust account, follow the links below. On the Security Deposits link you will find a list of addresses of rental units. On the Rent Overpayments link you will find building addresses and approximate tenancy periods only. Under the Abandoned Property link, you will find the address of the rental unit.

To claim any money you believe is yours, print and complete the Tenant's Application Form below. You can also call the Branch at 204-945-2476 in Winnipeg or toll free 1-800-782-8403 to ask for a copy of the form. After the form is completed, bring it to the Branch. You will need to provide at least two pieces of identification. That may be a driver’s licence, medical card, social insurance card or something else that shows who you are. If you are claiming a rent overpayment, and the Branch doesn’t have a tenant’s name on record, you will also be asked for proof that you lived in the unit during a certain time. 

The Branch is very interested in returning money that rightfully belongs to a tenant.

Security Deposits

After a tenant moves out, if the landlord does not have a claim against the security deposit and interest, the landlord must return the unclaimed amount to the tenant. If the landlord does not know how to locate the tenant they must send the money to the Residential Tenancies Branch.

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Rent Overpayment

Sometimes a landlord discovers that they have accidentally charged too much rent. Other times the Branch tells the landlord they have done so. When a landlord has overcharged rent to a tenant or a previous tenant, the landlord must return the money to the tenant. If the landlord does not know how to contact the tenant, they must send the money to the Branch.

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Abandoned Property

Sometimes tenants move out of a rental unit and leave valuable belongings behind. When this happens, the landlord may sell the items if, after storing them for 60 days, the tenant doesn't claim them. The landlord may keep enough money to cover their costs for the storage of the items, the sale of the property and any other money owed to them under a branch order. Any remaining money must be sent to the branch if the tenant can't be located. The branch holds the money for the tenant for two years.

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Tenant's Application Form