Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 4

Minnedosa Dominion Post Office Building
103 Main Street South

Minnedosa Dominion Post Office Building
Designation Date: May 4, 1987
Designation Authority: Minnedosa (Town)
Present Owner: Minnedosa (Town)

The landmark Minnedosa Dominion Post Office, designed in an eclectic style drawn from various architectural traditions, is a fine example of the type of multi-purpose structures the federal government erected in medium-sized centres prior to 1914. Designed by Chief Architect David Ewart of the Department of Public Works, the facility’s layout combined a number of functions, including a customs office, inland revenue, an examining warehouse, a residence and, in later years, Royal Canadian Mounted Police offices.

The first of four nearly identical post offices erected in regional centres in Manitoba, this building was well-adapted to its role, serving Minnedosa and the surrounding community for nearly six decades. An outstanding community symbol, the building continues to accommodate numerous public functions.