Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 17

Boyne School
NW 22-6-4W,
Carman area

Boyne School
Designation Date: August 4, 1988
Designation Authority: Dufferin (R.M.)
Present Owner: Dufferin (R.M.)

The one-room Boyne School, with its domestic proportions, hipped roof and raised basement, is a good example of one of Manitoba's most popular standardized provincial school designs available in the post-World War I period. Adapted from a 1912 cottage-style scheme, the school incorporates features that constitute a comfortable well-lit space, such as an obligatory bank of windows along one side of the classroom with transoms for air circulation, cloakrooms lit by side windows and a front storm porch. Saved through community efforts and used for social events, this designated place also is one of the few surviving examples in Manitoba of an intact country school site, complete with a fenced playground, flagpole and stable.