Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 19

Thompson Family Rest Site
101 Elizabeth Street,
Shoal Lake

Thompson Family Rest Site
Designation Date: November 22, 1988
Designation Authority: Shoal Lake (Town)
Present Owner: Yellowhead (R.M.)

The Thompson Family Rest Site, situated on a portion of the former Thompson homestead, recognizes the contributions of Matthew W. Thompson to the community of Shoal Lake and marks the final resting place of several members of the Thompson family. Arriving in the area in 1881, Thompson became the first postmaster, built Thompson Hall, which served various commercial and community functions, donated part of his homestead for the establishment of a rail line, and sold other portions of his property for local business and residential development. For these contributions, along with his dedication and spirit, he became known as the “Father of Shoal Lake”. Matthew and his wife Carrie later moved to the United States for health reasons, but 10 other members of the prominent family are buried at this site.