Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 23

Thomas Greenway Cemetery
S 25-2-12W
Crystal City

Thomas Greenway Cemetery
Designation Date: June 20, 1989
Designation Authority: Crystal City (Village)
Present Owner: Louise (M)

The Thomas Greenway Cemetery, a family burial site in an open agricultural setting, is the final resting place of Thomas Greenway (1838-1908), premier of Manitoba from 1888 to 1900, whose contributions included reform of the provincial school system, promotion of railway building and settlement, service as minister of agriculture and steps to reorganize provincial politics on a more partisan basis. In private life Greenway was a farmer recognized for his mixed prairie farming; a visionary who, with the help his family, established Crystal City in southwestern Manitoba; and an entrepreneur who financed the area’s first newspaper, the ‘Rock Lake Herald’. Also buried at the site are Thomas’s second wife, Emma Essery (1855-1934), and two sons, Harry Harvey (1879-1906) and Thomas A. (1867-98).