Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 34

Horod School
NE 22-19-21 WPM
Elphinstone area

Horod School
Designation Date: November 8, 1989
Designation Authority: Park (R.M.)
Present Owner: Harrison Park (M)

Horod School is a remarkable survivor in Manitoba of a rural school site that still contains its original teacherage, playgrounds, flagpole and outside toilets. The one-room facility, expanded upon to include a cloakroom and small science room, also is a good illustration of the kind of simple designs that were typical of the building type. With a row of transom windows along one side of the building and a high ceiling for air ventilation, the school provided a comfortable, well-lit space. Constructed by volunteers under the direction of carpenters John and Fred Sichewski, the sturdy structure that served the community for five decades was also a hub of social activity. The restored school is one of the few surviving sites that recall the pioneer settlement of the largely Ukrainian community of Horod.