Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 37

Carpentier House
NW 4-10-23 WPM
Griswold area

Carpentier House
Designation Date: December 13, 1989
Designation Authority: Woodworth (R.M.)
Present Owner: privately owned

Carpentier House, a large, solidly built farmhouse of carefully cut fieldstone is a fine example of the kind of impressive house that successful farmers were erecting in Manitoba by the turn of the twentieth century Area pioneer Joseph Carpentier, from Quebec, began establishing a prosperous farming operation on the site in 1881. Befitting his accomplishments, he was able by the early 1900s to erect this substantial second house based on the then popular four-square design. A century later, the building’s stout straight walls and level floors speak to the craftsmanship of the mason and carpenter, while its generous dimensions and stately presence speak to Carpentier’s vision and the spirit of the pioneer.