Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 49

Reeves Barn
SW 12-11-22 WPM,
Alexander area

Reeves Barn
Designation Date: August 12, 1990
Designation Authority: Daly (R.M.)
Present Owner: privately owned

The Reeves Barn, distinguished by the use of fieldstone walls for both the stable and loft, is an interesting adaptation of the traditional Southern Ontario form once found on many prairie farms. The building’s placement, edged into a hillside to facilitate access to the loft, is both traditional and functional, but the design departs from the conventional with the use of full stone walls and horizontal boarding on the wood-frame gable ends. Built for an area pioneer, Jack Reeves, the barn has been associated with the family of Thomas Sibbald since ca. 1910. Its rugged form, once the centre of a busy farmyard, now stands alone and conspicuous on its grassy slope.