Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 53

St. Andrews United Church
NE 4-13-6 EPM

St. Andrews United Church
Designation Date: October 24, 1990
Designation Authority: Garson (Village)
Present Owner: privately owned

St. Andrews United Church, originally a Presbyterian church, is especially valued for its bold use of Tyndall stone, a high-quality limestone commercially known as Manitoba Tyndall. Named for the rail stop from which it was first shipped, the fossil-laden stone, with its characteristic mottled appearance, has been used to detail hundreds of buildings across the country, including interior features of the reconstructed Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. St. Andrews, with its simple form, massive stone walls, steep gable roof and pointed windows, also is a very fine expression of the Scottish parish churches that are its models. The well-crafted building, constructed by mason John Hart and carpenter George Cushnie, and entirely planned and built by volunteers employed at the Garson quarry, is a symbol of local dedication. Largely unaltered, the building, now used as a residence, is an important community landmark.